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Wyandot Democratic Values
As the Ohio Democratic Party, we are proud to adopt these principles based on our belief in an Ohio that values opportunity and equality for all its citizens, and respects both the self-reliance of individuals and the benefits of teamwork, to meet the challenges of a fair and just society.​
  • We believe that the best government is one that is efficient, yet understanding - a government that is based not on systems or bureaucracies, but on people, ideas and values.​

  • We believe there is no substitute for fair and equal representation and strong public participation in a government chosen by election.​

  • We believe in a government that stands on the side of Ohio's families - that listens, understands and addresses their concerns.​

  • We believe that all Ohioans reap benefits when we, as a state, meet our challenges together.​

  • We believe in the equality of all Ohio citizens and condemn any discrimination.​

  • We believe in a society that strengthens Ohio's families and protects our children.​

  • We believe in the rights of all Ohioans to achieve economic security and find affordable housing; to seek good jobs at a livable wage; and protection for our workers in a growing robust economy.​

  • We believe in a society that puts the health, safety and prosperity of its citizens first one that promotes excellence in education, choices in quality health care and a healthy environment for all Ohio citizens.​

  • We believe in a society that values community and protects all Ohio citizens from violence and crime.​

  • We believe in a society that respects our elders, who deserve the right to retire with the resources they need and have earned to support themselves in their golden years.​

  • We believe in pursuing these ideals with honesty and integrity, with respect for the freedoms that we in Ohio are proud to call our own.

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