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Wyandot Democrats Elects New Chair

The Wyandot Democratic Party at its monthly meeting earlier this week elected Craig Swartz as Wyandot county chair of the Democratic Party, replacing Chairman William Evans who passed away late last year. Chairman Swartz in his acceptance said "In my position as Wyandot County Democratic Party Chair, I plan on promoting policies and ideas for legislation for the General Assembly to take up that will greatly benefit the lives of all Ohioans, particularly those that live in rural places like Wyandot."

The Central Committee also voted to fill the vacancy at the Wyandot County Board of Elections by electing Mark Stock as the newest Democratic Board Member. In his acceptance Mr. Stock committed to continuing the honest work that the Board of Elections does every year.

On Thursday, The Ohio Democractic Party elected its new Chair, Liz Walters and Vice Chair Andre Washington. Chairman Swartz said of the new leadership, “In the last several weeks, I have come to know Liz Walters very well and believe she has the interest of all Ohioans at heart.” Chairman Swartz continued in saying, “She will be a tireless worker not just for the Ohio Democratic Party but for all Ohioans in desperate need at this time.”


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