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Statement on Rep. Cummings

The Wyandot Democratic Party is feeling the tragic loss of civil rights icon Representative Elijah Cummings. Mr. Cummings was a dedicated advocate for The People who fought everyday for the rights and dignity of all Americans. According to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Rep. Cummings “believed that children were the messengers to a future we’ll never see, and it is our responsibility to give our kids a better life.”

His fight to lower drug prices in 2017 is a testament to that belief where he spoke of his interaction with the President saying “Mr. President, you’re now 70-something, I’m 60-something. Very soon you and I will be dancing with the angels. The thing that you and I need to do is figure out what we can do - what present can we bring to generations unborn?”

The country will feel the loss of Rep. Cummings, but the nation will forever know his legacy. We will miss him dearly and offer our condolences to his family, friends, and to all who looked to Rep. Cummings as a beacon of passion and activism for People. 


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