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State Rep. McClain Not Working For Wyandot

The latest report from the Ohio Capital Journal reveals a State Rep taking marching orders from special interest groups.

For the last few months, Rep. McClain has attempted to tout his so-called "Backpack Bill" that takes tax payer money away from public schools and gives it to private schools. Our teachers spoke out against this legislation and the public in Wyandot never got an opportunity to discuss it with McClain in a open and honest forum.

As it turns out, McClain didn't need the People of Wyandot to know how he'd work. He'd follow the secretive lead that the "Center for Christian Virtues" would have him follow. From emails to legislative aides to literally hiding behind McClain in session to make sure he'd do their bidding, Rep. McClain went out of his way to get the opinions of the special interests writing the legislation for him.

Wyandot doesn't need this legislation. We like our public schools and our teachers and we think they're an important part of our community that deserve respect and support from politicians.


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