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Riordan McClain Votes to Control Women's Healthcare

Today was a shameful day for the Ohio Legislature, but it was also a shameful display from our own Representative, Riordan McClain (R) who decided that women's healthcare choices should be in his hands.

Senate Bill 23 (SB23) was passed today with 56 Yeas and 40 Nays and it is one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country right now. Republicans rejected Democratic amendments to the legislation that would’ve made exceptions for women whose physical or mental health is at risk, fetal abnormality and medical complications and pregnancies as the result of rape or incest, as well as amendments to increase funding for infant and maternal mortality prevention programs, restore funding for preventive health programs and increase state assistance for child care.

Instead though of focusing on dealing with the rising infant mortality rate in Ohio or children's health insurance, Riordan thought it best to be the decider of when women can become a parent. As our state party chairmen David Pepper said today:

"...No politician should interfere in that decision. This bill is a disgrace, and it will endanger women’s lives in Ohio.”

Instead of fighting abortion with investments in sex education and family planning organizations like Planned Parenthood, Republicans like Riordan want us to go back to the days where women bled to death on the streets due to back alley abortions.

There is zero doubt the Ohio GOP and Riordan will say they're "protecting the unborn", but the reality is they are looking for a costly Ohio taxpayer funded legal fight that they hope will go all the way to the Supreme Court. A dubious effort their special right wing interests groups want them to do despite Ohio's diverse political makeup.

Wyandot County Democrats can agree that we want to see less abortions, but we understand that at the core it is the choice of women, not politicians with political partisan agendas like Riordan McClain. This bill being sent to Governor Mike DeWine will hurt Ohio women and we urge the governor to veto it.


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