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Repealing Net Neutrality is Bad for America

Although there is no shortage of issues our organization is concerned about, one that is particularly significant to folks in rural areas like Wyandot County is the choice of internet providers. Finding a provider can be hard enough for people here let alone navigating the effects of ending Net Neutrality, which has been a bedrock principle of a free and open Internet since it’s creation. It means that all online content, regardless of its source, remains unrestricted by service providers, and that those providers cannot favor or block particular websites or services available.(Netflix, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc)

Net Neutrality allows everyone equal access to content at uniform speeds.

Net Neutrality allows everyone equal access to content at uniform speeds. With Net Neutrality, people can access any website they wish, knowing their internet provider won't interfere with their browsing habits nor restrict vital services they rely on. Currently, American policy restricts ISPs in how they may collect and use customer data. However, the US Congress and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are seriously considering removing these restrictions and deregulating the industry. By rolling back existing rules on how companies provide online access, the FCC's proposed actions could severely undermine existing protections on how we access the Internet. Our internet providers would charge more for access to certain sites, slow down or block others while favoring ones they profit from despite assuring the public they won’t (They also said they’d have a technician out to fix my tv at 2:00pm and it’s now 4:00pm). At the end of the day, repealing net neutrality rules is bad for business and it’s bad for consumers like us.

There are several ways you can make your opinion on Net Neutrality known. You can call your representative and voice your opinion and you can go to the FCC's website and file a comment on FCC proceeding 17-108, titled “Restoring Internet Freedom”.

FCC Chairman Pai, appointed by President Trump, is moving ahead with plans to end Net Neutrality. As consumers and users of the open internet, we have to speak up and speak out against such actions that make big business bigger and give consumers less choice in how they use the internet they pay for.



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