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Labor Day Is About Workers

This weekend, we celebrate Labor Day by remembering the generations of Americans who risked everything to make life better for all working people. The minimum wage, workplace safety standards, Social Security, and of course, the weekend – are all the result of this struggle. Labor Day is not just a long weekend. It’s Labor’s Day. A day to honor America’s working Heroes.

In what seems to be the “normal” White House antics, Donald Trump refused to respect and honor the life of Senator John McCain, a true America hero. Like so many others, a Veteran and Servant who helped make America the great Country it is. A man who gave his entire life in service to our Country. A man of true integrity, something Donald Trump doesn’t recognize or understand.

Mr. Trump also chose the days before Labor Day to once again demonstrate his lack of respect for workers by canceling a promised 2.1% wage and cost of living increase for Federal workers. He claims this wage adjustment doesn’t fit in the already approved budget thus failing to recognize the contributions Workers make each day that make America great.

Labor Day is not just a long weekend. It’s Labor’s Day. A day to honor America’s working Heroes.

All this while he makes another $3,000,000 taxpayer funded vacation trip to his lavish golf resort in Sterling, Virginia. Apparently, in Mr. Trump’s America, it’s “normal” to disrespect American heroes, women, and workers, while he enjoys the highlife on the taxpayer dime. This November we have an opportunity to change things in Washington, and hold elected leaders accountable.

Courage, prudence, service, conviction, wisdom, humility, forgiveness, honor, and patriotism appear to be absent in the White House but we can restore them in the Legislature and State House. Take a close look at the character and record of all candidates, support those who support us, and then exercise your obligation to vote.

– Ken Lortz, Wyandot Democrat


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